Feature of the Week: Glimpses of Ralph Waldo Emerson by Brian Geiger

Literary Revelations is thrilled to feature Glimpses of Ralph Waldo Emerson by Brian Geiger, an exceptionally talented young writer. Watch this video. You will see how talent, scholarship, passion, and enthusiasm come together. You will be fascinated.

Description: From the diaries and essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing Divine Dies” comes the latest episode of Brian Geiger’s multimedia exploration of nature, art, and the early American spirit. This free edutainment lecture series is supported by a growing group of patrons.

Bio: Brian Geiger is the host of Glimpses of Ralph Waldo Emerson. As an independent scholar, his latest essay appeared in the Emerson Society Papers. He’s working on a novel, American Castles, that explores youth, art, and the myths of early America. You can follow his projects on his website.

Brian Geiger

Have a wonderful 2023.

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