Interview with Șerban Andreescu, the illustrator of Greenlandos by Virginia Witch

I recognized the brilliance of the idea from the outset. It’s not just a book; it’s a timely manifesto advocating for the preservation of our planet, a call to action against pollution.

Șerban Andreescu on Greenlandos by Virginia Witch

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We are working hard to bring you a fabulous book for children and adults next month. The book is entitled Greenlandos and it is written by Virginia Mateias aka Virginia Witch.

Greenlandos is more than fiction book. As professor and author Maria Rusu tells us: “I wholeheartedly recommend it to those seeking an insightful and humorous read, as well as those dedicated to maintaining a healthy diet and a clean planet. The information sheets at the end of the novel, offering insights into the origins and legends of vegetables from different time periods and cultures, are particularly fascinating.” Please read more here.

This weekend Literary Revelations is privileged to bring you an interview with the artist who created the wonderful illustrations for Greenlandos, Șerban Andreescu. I hope you enjoy it.

Illustrator Serban Andreescu, a former engineer, brings a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic passion to his work. Beyond his creative pursuits, Andreescu channels his energy into sports, particularly karate and ju-jitsu. Known for his sense of humor and perfectionist approach, Andreescu’s commitment to excellence shines through his illustrations. In an exclusive interview regarding his collaboration with author Virginia Witch on the book “Greenlandos,” Andreescu commented, “I recognized the brilliance of the idea from the outset. It’s not just a book; it’s a timely manifesto advocating for the preservation of our planet, a call to action against pollution.” In his 33 years of activity, Serban has illustrated over 500 books in the USA, England, Belgium, France, and Poland.

Serban collaborated on three cartoon movie studios in Romania, France, and Spain and with advertising agencies in the USA

LR: How did you make the transition from the engineering profession to becoming an illustrator?

Serban Andreescu: The circle of life brought me back to drawing. When I was 4 years old, I felt the need to draw. I was particularly fond of cartoons and wanted to know who created them to distinguish between them. I grew up with Walt Disney movies and French magazines. From the beginning, I preferred comic drawings designed to bring a smile to the viewer’s face. Initially, I wanted to study at the School of Fine Arts. However, I didn’t believe in my talent and pursued a career as a power engineer. After 10 years, when freedom came to Romania, I felt it was a good time to try my hand at creating a book entirely conceived by me. And so, I embarked on a new path in life as an illustrator.

LR: How do you adapt the illustrations based on the age group of the target audience and the subject of the book?

Serban Andreescu: The illustration must be as suggestive and pleasing to the viewer as possible. You cannot convey something with a complicated illustration to a 3 or 4-year-old child. That’s why an adaptation of the drawing style is necessary.

LR: How important is illustration in the process of understanding a story or a book? The question, of course, pertains to children of all ages. This inquiry, naturally, extends to children of all ages.

Serban Andreescu: Illustrations are highly significant. Even if the book has many pages and a more serious subject, a few illustrations bring you closer to the world of the story and help you visualize the content. Reading becomes more enjoyable and effortless due to the illustrations. In the case of books for young children, illustrations play a predominant role. By seeing the drawings, the child will remember the key moments of the story and the depiction of the characters.

LR: The book “Greenlandos” by Montreal writer Virginia Witch is the most recent book you’ve illustrated. How was the collaboration with a witch?

Serban Andreescu: Not always do illustrators and writers see eye to eye, leading to discussions due to differences of opinion. However, in the collaboration with the writer Virginia WITCH, the understanding was perfect. She provided a detailed description of the characters and illustrations, and my drawings met her approval. So, 100% understanding. It was a book that pushed my imagination to create characters a bit more different. Yes, it was a challenge!

LR: Where can the illustrator Serban Andreescu be found?

Serban Andreescu: I can be found at or at

Illustrations from the book by Serban Andreescu:

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