Submit to Literary Revelations Journal

Please submit your poetry, short stories, interviews, and art to Literary Revelations Journal by using the email

Title your submission “Literary Revelations Journal Submissions.” Please note that any other title will land your submission in the wrong email folder and your submission will not be read.

Do not submit more than 2 poems and/or 2 stories at once.

Please submit your poems in a Word Document, together with a short bio written in the third person. Your poem should not exceed 150 words. Your story should not exceed 500 words.  We reserve the right to shorten your bio if it exceeds 40 words. You should use Times New Roman 12, double space.

We reserve the right to correct any grammatical mistakes and to change complex formatting of your work without your specific consent.

For more information on submissions please visit our Terms and Conditions located in the About page.