Feature of the Week – John Hinton: An Indiana-Based Poet

This week Literary Revelations brings you the exceptional poetry of John Hinton.

Hinton’s writing is inspired by human interactions and accompanying emotions. Love, hate, indifference, passion. His words explore who we are, how we behave. Eloquent and gritty, these words reveal the joy and pain of this beautiful human existence. Hinton serves as President of Poetry Society of Indiana. In this role, he works toward the goal of helping people discover and express their personal voice through poetry.

Find John @johnrhinton2 on Twitter.

Open Letter to Undisclosed Recipient

victims of the same crime
violated by common perpetrator
our traumas took us to depths of sufferings
most will never know
I thought we would have bonded
an alliance of understanding
instead, we became passive enemies
never any outright attacks
only assaults of indifference
time and again I waved a white flag
a strange act as I was fighting no war
yet, I sought surrender
not from a fight but from schism
it seems my act of concession
turned the white flag to red
your apathy flamed to hostility
you took an innocent prisoner
weaponized your own flesh and blood
hostage to pain you blame me for
torturing me by separation
part of me cruelly severed
Do you see me bleeding?
Does it please you
watching my slow-dripping agony
will this debt you’ve attributed to me
ever be fully satisfied
or will you charge the exorbitant interest of affliction

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11 thoughts on “Feature of the Week – John Hinton: An Indiana-Based Poet

  1. This is beautifully expressed but painful to read. I can feel the hurt cutting away at your love in these graphic lines. It seems a horrible cruelty this person used to cut at flesh and bone. Congratulations on this publication. Your piece is very emotionally provoking and vivid. Blessings, Joni

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