Kait’s poetry reading from Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology

Literary Revelations Journal is proud to bring you a poetry reading by Kaitlin one of the marvelous contributors to our #1 Amazon bestselling anthology Hidden in Childhood.


Better known as Kait and living in Spain as a teacher’s assistant, Kaitlin has found healing and rediscovered her love for creation through poetry. For Kait, surrealism allows connecting at a safe distance from a traumatic childhood; it paints some kind of personal understanding that hopefully offers healing and insight for others as well. She grew up in Virginia but moved to Spain originally pursuing a translation career, which has led to teaching and writing. When she’s not at school or at her desk, she enjoys going to the cinema, trying a new hamburguesería or traveling with her partner, which, according to Kait, has been a major influence in her writing—experiencing worlds outside of one’s hometown teaches new perspectives and inspires personal growth, especially having grown up in a strict religious household. But another one of the most important influences, that inspires her poetry and her healing, will always be her seven siblings.

Kaitlin received a BA in English Literature and a double minor in Spanish and Religious Studies from Randolph-Macon College, where she worked as a copyeditor for The Yellow Jacket newspaper and completed a translation internship with the Latin American News Digest. Her poetry has been published in Hidden In Childhood and FromOneLine anthologies.

The Voice of a Cassette

Stories unravel through dun 1970’s tape with a slight stick

Of never reading with you again—the click of the unfinished chapters

Promised in bed, The Lion King, too busy with the hunt,

Leaving your cubs to the dusty reels of a cassette player.

Each night in our den, four girls vote on which moral to memorize

Sleep, imagining Benjamin Bunny thumping the audio to a stop:

A pause to sift through cardboard boxes with our paws for another dream

Or rewind our ears into the moans across the hall,

Leading to the lioness licking medication to ease her burning

—The static—splitting our pride

From the breast of innocence, wound in stuck buttons

Reproducing our shredding tale, pebbles trembling in darkness.

(the recording below was made before the publication of the anthology)

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