Coming in April – Love, Stars, and Paradigms, a Poetry Collection by Swarn Gill – Foreword

We are excited to let you know that Literary Revelations will publish Swarn Gill’s poetry collection Love, Stars, and Paradigms. The book will be released early to mid-April. Below please find the foreword and a poem from Swarn’s book. I hope you enjoy the read.

Featured art: Magdalena Gill.


Writing a poetry collection is one thing, but to write one in which every poem shines like the brightest star in the sky is to take the reader to an entirely different level, inside a universe in which words permeate hearts and transform souls. This is where the poems of Swarn Gill take you.

While within the pages of this book each poem stands on its own, one can notice thematic issues resembling circumpolar constellations. Swarn Gill’s poetry concerns itself with perennial matters such as: love, pain, identity, social justice, building a better self, rituals of daily life to name just a few. The depth and beauty in his poems are remarkable. In Lovestruck he writes “I chose to face wrathful clouds/and I saw/such beauty in the maelstrom/and though you struck me hard/ you hardened me like glass/ and in those semi-opaque reflections/ we hold, we sip, we float.”

In Diurnal Dreams winds of liberation from the conventions of a society plagued by commercialism blow, “free me from grey/break me out/of concrete prisons/prostrate me/among the daisies/let emerald butterflies/send me to slumber.”

Love and nature are married in a remarkable way in Under Nature’s Power. It’s not a marriage of convenience. It’s osmosis. Nature leads. “The stars were lecherous/making you lay down/in the cool grass/then the moon/made your invitation/clear as glass/what choice did we have/under cruel skies.”

Hold Still is a poem of substance, simplicity, and beauty with a hint of laissez-faire, “there was also/something I was/looking forward to/no matter…. we are the moment/time vibrates.”

Irene Solà wrote, “The infinite dwells in each of us. Like a window on the top of our heads that we didn’t even know was there,” [Canto jo i la muntanya balla] and she continued claiming that only the poet can open that door and reach the infinite. All you must do to know she was right is to read Swarn Gill’s book Love, Stars, and Paradigms.

Literary Revelations is proud to publish such an unbelievable poetry collection.

Gabriela Marie Milton
author, editor, publisher

Ouroboros by Swarn Gill

wandering through neural mazes
I am always lost when I find you
your pose is casual, blocking the path
like you were waiting for me
knowing I’d be there even when I didn’t
reminding me of memories I never made

in the waning days of summer
there is a scar that I am thankful for
and yet find it so hard to forgive
it pulses along with my pulse, counting time
I ache as the trees do, as the leaves fall
still, I smile at the splendor of colors

the things that you are so frightened of
are the things I love the most
I held my face to you like a mirror
a mere, still in a deep forest
and you ran like a hunted hart
avoiding refreshing pools as your thirst swelled

I am now bound to chase with no quarry
as I watch you run with no pursuer
participants in a game that must be played
do I choose to play, or is fate unescapable
I’ve tried clawing and surrendering
neither choice gives me any peace

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  1. Congratulations Swarn and thank you Gabriela for this beautiful forward and the poem you shared with us. Also, congratulations on Literary Revelations first publication of a single poet. I have enjoyed listening to his narrations and hearing his beautiful words, I will be looking forward to buying this extraordinary poet. The artwork is also quite lovely. Very exciting!

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