Sunday Feature – Swarn Gill on the art cover of his upcoming book Love, Stars, and Paradigms

Literary Revelations is thrilled to let you know that we are preparing for the launching of Swarn Gill’s poetry collection Love, Stars, and Paradigms early to mid-April. As the launching date approaches we are delighted to bring you a video of Swarn talking about the art we will use in the design of his book cover and reading one of his poems entitled It’s not obvious.

What does the art cover mean for Swarn? How much does Swarn relate to it? Listen to Swarn talking. You will be fascinated by his words.

We hope everyone enjoys this feature.

It’s not obvious by Swarn Gill

it’s not obvious that the stars aren’t revolving around me
that I’m the one who’s actually moving
even when I’m sitting here, there is no disproving.
and you’re moving too

it’s not obvious that I’m not static
as life evolves around me, that time’s dissolving into me
that I too am just another object subject to vast forces
shaping me to some point in a universal scaffold
that is shaping itself

it’s not obvious that my life isn’t planned
that it isn’t canned
when there is seemingly no event in my life that didn’t depend
on an amazing number of low probability occurrences
subject to the subtlest of disturbances, making each moment a miracle
in a myriad of possible timelines

I want things to be clearer maybe hold things nearer
I’m happy and willing to be the first one
to try and really look at themselves in the mirror

why is it when one person has a bad day, he’s able to tuck it away
another wants to do good to compensate
and yet another spits bile and hate
is it all just too late? or did we never really stand a chance?

because it should be all a little easier to follow
but there are sharp turns and hard truths to swallow
with little time to wallow
so if I say that I want to sit here and pretend that the stars are going by
and that the moon is smiling, beaming, radiating
not reflecting
and that I like it that way because it makes beautiful poetry
then let me
because it’s not obvious to me that that’s a bad idea

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Feature – Swarn Gill on the art cover of his upcoming book Love, Stars, and Paradigms

  1. I love the cover and Swarn Gil’s poetry Gabriela! Congratulations to you both! Maybe it’s my computer but my volume is on high and is coming in low.
    Wonderful poetry!πŸ’ž

  2. I truly enjoyed your explaining why you chose the cover and name of your book. The cover is lovely as is your reasoning. I always enjoy listening to your readings Swarn. You have a lovely voice and you make us think in this piece about lots of things. Very nicely done, congratulations! I am really looking forward to the book’s release in early April. Big hugs, Joni

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