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Andrew grew up in The Evergreen State. He fell in love with writing short stories and poems in high school. He found writing cathartic through foster care. After high school, he served three years in the army. Andrew was stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He was a paratrooper, and the fragility of life grew his faith in God. After his contract, he returned to Washington and graduated college with a degree in general studies. He nearly completed a master’s degree. Among other things, Andrew is an avid runner, a self-published writer, and a pop-punk music enthusiast.

Love in Front of Me

I’ll never love again, not until I perish.
I ought not to allow myself to absorb
the reflection of a lover’s frostbite.
It ends with the sting of reasons
to stay put or to depart,
so I hit the open road.
But Beth is so cool, and I hate it.
I observe stolen love in her rejection.
Beth evades my lips, and I envision
her kiss.
Beth is on a date, and it’s with me.
She beams with a glint in her gaze.
Warmth surged through my chest
and I found what I’d been missing
right in front of me.

Dating Anxiety

I accept the blame,
blame for this,
but not for that.
I’ll never admit to
being wrong, not
for that.
I concealed my scars,
giving hope to thaw
the frozen lake
of my damaged ambitions.
I took too long to
ask because I caught
a case of nerves,
lost the lines,
my pickup lines,
fell behind the enemy
lines of failure.
But something in me
transformed one night.
I tossed the backbiter
inside myself to the wind.
I approached you
before you could say hello.


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