Featuring English-Spanish Poetry by Gabriela Marie Milton

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your love and support. I am thrilled to let you know that next year I will publish a bilingual English-Spanish poetry book entitled Thorns that bloom/Espinas que echan flor. More about the book and how it came about later. For the moment I will share a poem I selected to include in the book entitled Seduction. Seduction was first published in English in my poetry collection Passion: Love Poems in Other Writings accompanied by an Italian translation belonging to Flavio Almerighi, a wonderful Italian poet. This time I hope you enjoy Seduction in English and Spanish.

Gabriela Marie Milton


The rhythm of castanets awakens the moon
on opal rings your kisses spin
a cricket’s hitting a crescendo
waves tattoo dark shadows on your skin
sonority, you who vibrates the souls
of those who haunt at night the Port of Cartagena

I toss in smells of apricots and plumes
the Hand of Fatima takes off my veils
your forehead sinks into the sweat of lovers
who sever their veins
oh, dream of the unknowns,
you, latency,
the sigh of blood which flows
in spring both mud and flowers grow

didn’t you know
that when you said I love you
you stepped on roads of fables and folk tales?
you glued your heart onto a purple sunset
smells of lilac and of roses, impregnated strolls,
it wasn’t me
it was you who stole his soul.

Seducción (Spanish Translation)

El ritmo de las castañuelas despierta a la luna,
sobre anillos de ópalo giran tus besos,
un grillo se marca un crescendo
las olas tatúan oscuras sombras sobre tu piel;
sonoridad, tú que haces vibrar las almas
de aquellos que rondan de noche
el Puerto de Cartagena.

Me balanceo entre olores de albaricoque y ciruela,
la mano de Fátima retira mis velos,
tu frente se hunde en el sudor de los amantes
que inflaman sus venas.
¡Oh! amor de desconocidos,
tú, latencia,
suspiro de sangre
que fluye en primavera
alimentando tanto flores como tierra

¿No sabías
que al decir te quiero
te adentraste en senderos
de fábulas y cuentos?
tu corazón quedó prendado de un atardecer púrpura
impregnado de aromas a lilas y a rosas;
vosotros robasteis su alma,
no fui yo.


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47 thoughts on “Featuring English-Spanish Poetry by Gabriela Marie Milton

  1. This is actually quite good. 🙂 it reminds me of Neruda. The imagery is fresh and unexpected in the same way—even if you’re influenced by him. The rhymes and off-rhymes are refreshing too. If this is a starting point for you, I’m actually very interested to see where you go from here. Only a few poets make me curious to read more. You’re one of them.

    1. Dear Patrick,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I truly appreciate every word you wrote. Leaving aside the “starting point” 😉 the comparison with Neruda is humbling. I am an admirer of his poetry. However, my favorites poets are the French symbolists; leading the pack Arthur Rimbaud 🙂 In the Spanish speaking world I love García Lorca more than Neruda. And I have days when I believe Giorgos Seferis was the best poet ever 🙂

      “I’m actually very interested to see where you go from here. Only a few poets make me curious to read more. You’re one of them.”

      Doubly humbled by your words.

      Thank you again and have a fabulous weekend.


  2. Stunning poem Gabriela and congratulations on your upcoming poetry book. I love the fact it will be written in English and Spanish.

  3. “didn’t you know
    that when you said I love you
    you stepped on roads of fables and folk tales?”

    No poet can take our breath away like you, dear Gabriela. Gorgeous writing.

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