The Poetry of Marion Berndt                  

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Marion Berndt was born in 1968 in Oldenburg in Northern Germany. Even as a preschooler, she loved books and dreamed of writing. She always made up stories and wrote as soon as she learned to. At the age of five Marion announced to the family that she would become a teacher and “book writer.”

 First she set out on the teacher’s path. After graduating from high school in 1988, Marion studied German, religion and mathematics at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg until 1992 to become a teacher at primary and secondary schools. The trainee service in Verden an der Aller followed from 1992-94. Since 1994 she has been teaching at primary schools in the district of Cloppenburg, currently at the GS Halen / Emstek.

 Between 2004 and 2008 she completed two distance learning courses at the Axel-Andersson-Akademie in Hamburg parallel to her teaching activity, in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a “book writer”. In 2014 Marion started publishing teaching materials at Persen-Verlag and the GSV.

 Since 2020 she also ventures into poetry. Her poetry can be found on her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. A few of Marion’s poems can be listened to at Dead Letter Radio Podcast, and she joined the Move Me Poetry community. Her first poetry collection Lockdown Poetry is available since January 2022 at Olympia Publishers London.



An eager emptiness.
A ghostly longing
covered in a
lingering twilight.
A fathomless hole
of deep intimacy.
in the mirror of
the untenanted moon.
star nebula nourish
a desperate hope
to sink into
the roaring silence
of a numbing sleep soon…


Timeless moment,
all masks fall,
and the smile
is finally real.
Even the day gives in,
and the truth
meets the moon.
Sleep beats the fake.
Sigh of letting go.
Long breaths so deep.
Brain loses control.
Timeless sinking
into a dream.
For a long walk
the soul is freed…

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