An English Poet: Eric Daniel Clarke

Eric Daniel Clarke – Scientist & Writer

Eric Daniel Clarke is an Englishman, raised in the West Country close to Hardy’s Wessex. He’s lived his adult life near London, working as a scientist in the physical and life sciences, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. In recent years he began writing poetry and prose. His first collection of poems ‘Shorts: A Take on Poetry’ was published in 2020 by Potter’s Grove Press. His work has appeared in anthologies, most notably two poems ‘Erin’ and ‘A Beginning of An End’ in ‘Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women’ published in 2022 by Experiments in Fiction.

Eric writes contemporary poems on life and relationships in a simple yet thought provoking style. He is currently collating a second collection of poetry. His labor of love is the near completed novella ‘You Can Call Me Erin’ – the story of an online relationship told in verse through the voice of one – the titular Erin.

Notice how Eric’s economy of words enhances the beauty of his pieces. It makes them powerful. It makes them shine.

Today Literary Revelations brings you two poems by Eric and two examples to illustrate the poetry of his verse novella currently titled ‘You Can Call Me Erin.’

When Eyes Blink Images

Can you see a memory,
sketch it and colour in,
can you tell if daybreak,
as shades of dark thin,
can you be still, be present,
when eyes blink images
of where been, who with.

I’ll Ask You

The night we met, in truth
I couldn’t tell, the night we first
danced, time and place recall,
less so the detail, of what said,
how long we were in hold, I’ll ask
you, you’re still dancing, my feet
kind of moving, much as before.

You Can Call Me Erin: Verse Examples

# 1

Goodness, do you mean that?
No, I don’t think you talk too much.
Guys who reach out to me don’t
use words the way you do.

I’ll not tell you much about me?
What’s a girl to do, you’ve not asked
me anything. Yes, you can get
to know me, I like that you want to.

Hello Sam, you can call me Erin.
I like a man who’s lived, your smile
tells me you have, whoever took that
photograph knows your angles well.

Yes, you’re the first man I’ve spoken
to seriously on here, I got more than
I bargained for when I messaged you.
You got me asking, are you for real?

The things you say to me, it’s as if you
know me. I feel at ease with you, I like
your understated manner, you’re good
at this aren’t you.


I know that we need to meet,
I want to, it’s not a case of having
to, okay. We need to get the timing
right, next week doesn’t work for me.

Excuse me, what am I supposed to
have realised? You’re the one who needs
to look. It feels to me as if you’re trying
to tell me what to do, I don’t like it, Sam.

You may not think you’re having a dig,
but it seems like it to me. It’s obviously
not helping you going away again,
it’s putting pressure on us both.

I appreciate you’re only asking for a coffee
and a chat to begin with, I think it’s a good
idea, but please can we sort this out when
you get back. How long will it be?

A few weeks! I’d no idea you’d be away
that long. My head is pounding, Sam. I can’t
take all this in. I’m so unsure what to do.
I can’t make sense of the feelings I’ve for you.

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18 thoughts on “An English Poet: Eric Daniel Clarke

  1. Wonderful poetry and review! Question: are you taking submissions for individual poems for your Journal or just poems for anthologies, poetry collections, and novels? I’ve been a little confused about that. Thank you!

    1. Hi hon. I am glad you enjoyed the feature. We are taking submission for the anthology. The journal is open for submissions too and we have quite a few of them. We are not open for unsolicited manuscripts yet. But of course, people still reach out to us. We are listening and if any manuscript appeals to us we can start discussing about. I hope this answers your questions.

  2. Beautiful poetry and I found unique elements in all the writings. I too like how you gave us an example of styles and Eric’s talent. Congratulations Eric for this lovely publication and your upcoming novella. Wishing you all the best, Joni

  3. Love your unique and delightful poems Eric. Congratulations to you and best wishes on your novella Eric. Happy to see you moving thriving here Gabriela! Delighted for you! ❣️

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