From Science to Poetry: Swarn Gill

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It is with great please that our Literary Revelations Journal brings you the mesmerizing poetry and recitation of Swarn Gill. The power of Swarn’s metaphors, the aesthetics of his verses, and the philosophy behind them are fabulous. I hope you enjoy this feature.

First, let’s drill into his bio.

Swarn Gill was originally born in Edmonton, Canada. He came to the U.S. for graduate school to pursue his dream of being a meteorology professor. His passion for poetry and writing was rekindled during his PhD. when he realized he had been so focused on one thing that he had neglected other avenues of joy and creativity in his life. Writing enabled him to explore the human condition, reflect on his own life experiences, and capture the beauty of nature through poetry. Initially his journey into writing poetry came from a love of words. The way they dance, play, and flow and the way they sound when spoken aloud.  So he began reciting his favorite poems.

Swarn’s writing is also very much informed by his scientific mind. He believes science and nature are constant sources of art and inspiration and it shows in his prose. He takes pride in weaving it into his poetry and prose when possible, braiding his two passions together. Swarn considers himself more of a storyteller than a poet, always favoring a first-person perspective when he writes. This lends his prose to offer his readers an adopted perspective which allows them journey through his evocative narrative as if it is their own. Though not formally trained in literature, Swarn attributes his growth in his writing ability to a strong, supporting writing community online. Swarn describes the community as “a place of truly remarkable people who have helped him improve his poetry skills greatly.” Swarn spends his days teaching, writing, going on walks in nature, and sharing those moments with his friends and family. Currently, he resides in southwest Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons where he is still very active in the local poetry community.

The Appetite of Time

I have a hunger
I am taking your moments
nothing you do
goes unnoticed
your memories
sit in my belly, digesting
you will never stop feeding me
the happy, the sad
it is all my nutrition
I have a hunger
for your physical attrition
My tongue slathering
around your ligaments
teeth gnawing on your bones
my hands
pulling down your skin
your heart, gripped like a vice
between fattened thighs
I have a hunger
for the demise of all that’s been made
it shall crack and crumble
mountains will flatten to plains
another extinction
so delicious
sorry evolution
it’s the end of your revolution
I shall have things my way
I have a hunger
even the universe, my prey
stars will blink out
like city lights bereft of power
I pull and stretch
at the very fabric of existence
all will be dark and lifeless
then it will only be me
full and content

In The Beginning…

daytime heat wanes
an ape sees a rock
red-orange beams
soften its hardness
she turns around
and for the first time
in the existence
of this unusual species
she cannot communicate
her eyes drink the sky
and she sits. in silence
in the background
she hears day-weary life
scurrying to hide
for a night’s rest
while simpler beasts prepare
watchful eyes peering
to take advantage
of darkness’ boon
no creature but that ape
is gazing at the sunset
she knows that the world
is both exactly the same
and forever changed
that there is something
special. happening to her
oh, to be there
at that moment
at the inception
of beauty

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14 thoughts on “From Science to Poetry: Swarn Gill

  1. I really loved the anthropological view of the second poem. I may have seen Lucy in dreams watching the sky on the vast plain of the rift in africa.

    Also, you have a beautiful smile sir! 😊

  2. Beautiful poems 😊 I met Swarn in Twitter few days back through one of his poems and it was beautiful too. Thank you for sharing his video too.

  3. Beautiful pieces and I especially like the uniqueness of both poems. The reading was an especially nice treat, and I loved the ending of the last piece. Lovely writing, thank you for sharing with us! Big hugs, Joni

  4. Love hearing your poem Swarn Gil. Your words are penetrating and captivating.
    Love this line “her eyes drink the sky
    and she sits. in silence. Congratulations! 💞

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