Feature of the Week – Poems by Verde Mar aka Robert Fish

Literary Revelations is pleased to bring you two wonderful poems written by Verde Mar. The poems are thematically different: one speaks of love, the other speaks of tragedy. We hope you enjoy Verde’s poetical craft as much as we do.


Verde Mar resides in the United States. He is a technical writer who discovered his passion for writing enigmatic poetry during the start of the global pandemic. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from New Mexico State University, where he also worked as the lead peer writing tutor in the Writing Lab for ESL (English as A Second Language). As the oldest of seven children from New England, Verde grew up in Rhode Island just off the Wampanoag (People of the First Light) Trail by the Narragansett Bay. After college he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Presently Verde lives in the Sonoran Desert in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Verde built a house by the ocean just as his family welcomed twin children into their lives. An avid vinyl LP audiophile and science fiction reader, Verde won first grant in the RI State Science Fair for his “Moon Cities” project. He loves to ski and to play golf. His poetry book Turbulent Waves: Enigmatic micro-writes cast ashore during a global pandemic was published in 2022. He also contributed to the #1 Amazon bestselling anthology Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology and maintains an active presence on Twitter,

Gorgeous Mind

All these words combine
saying that you’re
an angel in my dreams
on these lonely streets
only you command.

A glance takes my breath
a smile, a crush kept.

All these words scatter
like butterflies afraid
your gorgeous mind
devours them before
they tell you
you’re beautiful.

Newtown (Sandy Hook Elementary)

Ghosts live in Newtown
frozen in Summer
ceremonial priests chant
a haunting unlike any other.

Streets devour footprints
they all disappear
clouds race away like yachts
there’s no finish line.

Churches cry for prayers
despair paints skies
there’s no music here
even thought is gone.

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6 thoughts on “Feature of the Week – Poems by Verde Mar aka Robert Fish

  1. I enjoyed reading about Robert and loved his beautiful poetry. Newtown is heartbreaking and haunting, to say the least. I am currently reading Hidden in Childhood, so I will look for his contributions. Thanks for this wonderful introduction.

  2. Thank you for your lovely poetry and congratulations on your publication. I think the Sandy Hook poem touches so many of us deeply and I love the way you ended this piece. A difficult piece to write, I imagine, but it certainly deserves a poem, so none of us ever forget. Thank you so much Robert and thank you Gabriela for bringing us these new pieces to read. Congratulations on your publication Robert.

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