Read two beautiful poems by Tracey Anne

Literary Revelations is proud to bring you the poetry of Tracey Anne. I hope you enjoy this feature.


Tracey Anne is an emerging poet from Westchester, New York.

Her writing often reflects life and human emotions.  She likes to explore different sides of a given subject, as her readers can see in the poems posted on her Twitter account.   

When she’s not busy working at an investment management company, she can be found wandering through nature to find inspiration to write her poetry.  She is a dreamy and idealistic Pisces who loves being outdoors, power walking, hiking, or taking a long drive to enjoy beautiful scenery in upstate New York.

You can follow Tracey Anne on Twitter @Tre_Ce24

April Rain

An unexpected scattered shower
brings little gleam-drops of fresh water
nestled on once shriveled leaves
now starting to retrieve

sun rays break through the gaps in clouds
beaming spotlights to draw in the crowds
sparkly leaves mimicking stars from above
to reciprocate heaven on earth

April showers bring May flowers, they say
most butterflies wiggle out to witness bright new day
It’s time to part from old grudges and pains
my heart whispers to my brain
let April rain wash them all away!

Beautiful Moon

She graced the sky with warm milky glow
in return
we yearn to see her radiant shine
looking up at her like an innocent child
cradled in a mother’s arms
feeding from her breast
feeling pure love and contentment

for some
her mysterious phases make them crave
to witness her full illumination stages
most poet’s obsession
perfectly inked in poetic notions
often compared to long distance love affair
longing for unfilled urge in despair

love isn’t blind
we all love what’s pleasing to our eyes
the moon knows best
she has her eyes set
on just one – a cut above the rest.

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  1. These are beautiful examples of a talented writer. So glad I met you on Twitter. I love the intermingling with nature in the first piece especially. Great writing. Thank you Gabriela and Tracey.

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