– Coming this summer – Building Sandcastles: A Book of Short Poems by C.X.Turner and James Welsh

Literary Revelations is thrilled to let you know that we have a new book in the making. It is a spectacular book entitled Building Sandcastles: A Book of Short Poems by C.X.Turner and James Welsh. We are delighted to work with such talented authors whose poems are breathtaking.

Please watch this space for more info.

We are pleased to introduce you to C.X.Turner and James Welsh.

C.X. Turner – Bio

C.X. Turner (pen name) is a poet living in the UK, and working as a registered social worker. She writes short-form poems, on a daily basis, and she has been widely published in various journals and anthologies.

C.X. Turner is an active member of the British Haiku Society, always feeling there is more to learn. She enjoys working collaboratively with other poets, doing solo projects, and exploring different art mediums to bring added depth to her writing.

In 2023 she had one of her haiku chosen for the global Golden Haiku Poetry Contest. There were 3,100 haiku received, written by 1,600 people, from 75 countries, and hers was one of the 200 that were selected and printed on colorful signs displayed along some of Washington DCโ€™s most iconic streets in the Golden Triangle neighborhood and posted on the BID website. You can find more info at: GLOBAL HAIKU CONTEST ATTRACTS POEMS FROM DC TO AUSTRALIA AND EVERYWHERE IN BETWEEN – Golden Triangle and Golden Haiku Poetry Contest – Golden Triangle .

In 2022 C.X. Turner had three individual short-form poems nominated by three different Journal editors for The Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, The Haiku Foundation.

You can find C.X. Turner on Twitter @lover_poetic

Short poems by C.X. Turner

a little of your summer
daisy chain

(first published in Frogpond 45:3, Autumn 2022)


in the bend
above a river of sky
clouds pause

(first published in British Haiku Society Water Anthology 2022)

James Welsh – Bio

James Welsh (pen name) is a writer and poet living in central England.

His short form poetry began as an effort to learn to create vivid imagery in just a few words, and, while it helped to improved all types of writings – James has fallen in love with this quiet form of poetry.

James Welsh’s poems are an attempt to discover simplicity in complexity, and to allow both his mind, and that of his readers to wonder. He continues to write daily.

Short poems by James Welsh

I recall that day
your hand guiding mine
building sandcastles


the breath in my lungs
given delicate form
-dandelion seeds

You can find James on Twitter @JamesWelsh35

All featured poems are included in the upcoming book Building Sandcastles: A Book of Short Poems by C.X.Turner and James Welsh

The featured art is done by C.X.Turner and will be used by Literary Revelations in the creation of the cover.

I hope everyone enjoyed this presentation.


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