Dr. Shailja Sharma and her magnificent poetry

Literary Revelations is proud to bring you the poetry of Dr. Shailja Sharma, a poet that we deeply admire.

I hope everyone will enjoy this feature.


Dr. Shailja Sharma (Ph.D.), USA, has dedicated her career to the field of psychology and mental health. Apart from scholarly publication and editorial service, her literary writings have been nationally and internationally published. Her poetry book, “Dear Mama: An Immigrant’s Secret Cry,” has been critically acclaimed.  Dr. Sharma’s writings have appeared in #1 Best Selling anthologies published nationally and internationally. She is currently serving on the editing panel of a UK-based journal of poetry and artwork related to themes of mental health, health, illness, the mind, the brain, and the body. Dr. Sharma’s publications have appeared in many literary journals/forums of repute across USA, Canada, UK, and Asia. In addition to writing in English, Dr. Sharma is a widely published multi-lingual author. She was awarded special literary honor for her writing contributions in international languages.

It’s Him

A walk in the snow
Some sunlight in hand
The whole of the sky from her
Head to toe
It’s him.

In the mirror
And in the glean of her untucked hair
In her dream
And in the branch with a sparrow-pair
It’s him. It’s him.

In the sigh within
And the breath going out
In the quite dew drop
And the gushy rain shower
In the naughty cloud catching
The baby sunflower
It’s him. It’s him. It’s him.

(Written exclusively for Literary Revelations)


The cottage remains
The myth of love still lives
in the heap of straw
and amongst the beads of a
broken necklace
The footsteps
cutting through
are deep, solid
despite the
rain through
Life is walking
on them
rather slowly
due to a tangled

(Published in Indian Periodical, June, 2021; Piker Press, November 2021; Setu, February 2022)

Wild Night

Night’s wild locks are open
Stars like sparkling hairpins
Trying to tuck them in
Youthful night will end
Into a clear day
Clear of mystery
Clear of the night’s beauty and charm
Naked to stark reality
The day pure like death
Will stand and stare through
No matter how much the sky
Sparkles all night

(Published in Setu, February 2022)


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  1. Gorgeous writing. I love “It’s Him.”

    “A walk in the snow; Some sunlight in hand; The whole of the sky from her” Words that take us by the hand into their world…

  2. Beautiful presentation by Literary Revelations! I’m honored by this publication. Keep up the wonderful work, team Literary Revelations.

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