South African Lyricism – Beautiful Poetry by Mogamat Shafiek Reggiori

Literary Revelations is thrilled to bring you the beutiful poetry of Mogamat Shafiek Reggiori, a South African writer. We hope you enjoy it.

Brief Bio (in the author’s words)

Mogamat Shafiek Reggiori, 4th generation South African with an Italian background. Born Cape Malay. Loves to write poetry. The kind that touches an essential part of your soul. Love ballads being one of his favorite creations. Occasionally revisits long time Fantasy Scifi novels in the throes of creation. M. S. Reggiori is a soul whisperer that enjoys indulging with creatives of all genres. Read his words and he’d kiss the day you came. Poetry book: INTO THE HUSH OF THE QUIET WINDS: Love would remain a vital part of my soul. A dream of his is to be a distributor of God’s wealth, hence he would donate parts of his book proceeds to CANSA ORG (the South African Cancer Foundation).


The soft shades 
Of these pale white skies
Like the foam that once floated in my bath waters
In its deepening I’ve soaked in. 
My skin was soft then
Soft as the memory of your Grand Opus eyes. 
A symphony, playing along…

Would you greet me at my wintering
When she wraps me into the earth’s chest 
& places her ribs at my soul’s edges?

For this I cry, as I write
I could then become my own left behind memories.
Perhaps I am midnight’s companion, like moss stuck to a rock’s purposes & I hold my own child’s hand
Wrapped around my fingers

Until then … 

I’ll wrap my dreams around
These pale white skies
To champion the harbingers of your smile


Written in memory of my Grandma. That is what she called me, by the name of the very first person of color, Golfing champion. I would dream of her, thinking of me as her champion. We’ll meet in my dreams. 

Barista D’ Amour
Serves thee still the breaths
To my silvan heart
Without which I cannot live

My mind fizzles
With susurrations of thee
When Chopin serves me
The mold of his polished ivory

Nocturne, the keys rave
That clavier that casts the lot
Of my days & the wind with swirling
petals across the glades

Earthen tones lisp 
Of Autumn roses
Like a wine tasting
& I’m drunk on sumptuous love

& just like that you carry me
My love, to lift the skirts of my gaze
Onto the palette of your ravenous heart

Look once only they say
Then divert your quiet gaze
For that second scape
Would carry on, far
Beyond forbidden ways

So, this to you 
Dearest lover, I say
I’d keep staring

& the second is an unbecoming
The reverence of your
Nascent eyes holds me 
To my adoration

For the rain, eyes a weeping
A stare, I say
& I’d never look away
For every ray
Of light upon your face
Would be my penultimate gain

Only one more life my love

diD not you see it
The way Monet painted
Our dreams
& that dress you wore

In the reflection of the pond
Our lips met
& an irisation was born 

There must have been two Summer Suns, glazing over opposite waters

One more life my love
My eyes still hold you in it


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