From New Zealand the wonderful poetry of Elizabeth Barton

Literary Revelations is thrilled to bring you the wonderful poetry of Elizabeth Barton. I hope you enjoy it.


Elizabeth Barton is a poet and artist living in New Zealand, with work featured in numerous anthologies and online journals, including Vita Brevis, Black Bough Poetry, Fevers of the Mind, Hyacinth Review, Amphora and Spillwords. Winner of the 2020 White Label Cinq Competition, she has a forthcoming Collection with Hedgehog Poetry Press. She is author of the chapbook All Revolutions Begin This Way, a mythic journey and exploration of New Zealandโ€™s gold-mining past.


Invisible threads bind us, knitted
in the temple of long musings.
Elegantly the moon sails on shifting
rainbow-edged clouds, Jupiter trails behind
as dreams nurse our forgetful sleep. We bind
with memory, secret keys of recognition.

Past and present are nothing, merged
in a sea of knowing; waves of recollection
pound deep, drumming, awakening ancient worlds,
currents scribing unknown futures.
Synapse and tongue thread minds together,
sparking thought-lit filaments of fire.

Returning to their source as compass true,
remembering, widened eyes are moonlit orbs
mirroring each our portraits, homing to the point,
lamplit, joined in gazing, coruscating paths
take us on bold journeys breaking with the tide
to lift us high, holding keys to the horizon

Desert Song

If you were to tread upon the desert wind
with sand in your hair catching flints of light,
I would answer you with my dreams
contained in the mystery of the East
dark aromas of ancient wisdom.
When the day empties its goblet upon gold sands
let me lay red poppies at your feet
and banquet in the precious depths of your eyes.

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