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G. Lynn Brown is a published writer of poetry, short stories, and flash fiction. Her short story, “Hangry,” was nominated publication of the month at (May ’23), and another story, “The Reason Caramels Make Me Cry,” won Fictionette’s Short Story Star Entry Prize (April ’23). Her other work can be found at Paragraph Planet, Rejection Letters, and Vine Leaves Press, among other publications. She is a contributing author at Her writing is a passion she loves to share with others. Originally from New Jersey, she currently resides near Cookeville, Tn.


Midnight’s peal rattles the silence
Toss and turn
Can’t fall back
Legs twitch
Arms flail
Where’s the Sandman?
Darkness envelops the night
Bogeymen step from the void
Dance around the bed
Laugh and point
Where’s the Sandman?
Their laughter louder
Heart racing
Cold sweats
Can’t take anymore
Where’s the Sandman?
He’s on the floor
The Bogeys snuffed him
Nightmares prevail
Sleep is no more

Insanity Plea

The moon is my friend,
and so is the storm.
The darkness is my light,
and it keeps me warm.
My tears are the laughter
I forgot to let out.
My nightmares composed
of the things that I love.
My daydreams are mirrors
of what never was.
My heart,
she cries for my sanity.
My lips,
they pray for clarity.
And I,
I can’t help but wonder,
was it the madness
that made me love you,
or did loving you
drove me to madness?


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14 thoughts on “Read the wonderful poetry of G. Lynn Brown

      1. I especially liked the Insanity Plea: the world playing with us and the deepening dystopia of our imperfect understanding of ourselves and others.

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