Poetry by Cindy Georgakas

Literary Revelations is happy to bring to you the poetry of Cindy Georgakas. I hope you enjoy it.


Cindy Georgakas was born in San Francisco, California and she is the author of Re-create & Celebrate: 7 Steps To Turning Your Dreams Into Reality. The book’s foreword was written by Dr. Cherie Carter Scott, New York Times Bestselling author of If Life is a Game, Here are the Rules. She was voted Author of the Month at Spillwords Press NYC on April 2023 and on October 2022 one of her pieces was voted Publication of the Month.

Cindy is a co-author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology edited by Gabriela Marie Milton (Literary Revelations, 2023) and Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women  (Gabriela Marie Milton, ed. EIF, 2022). She is  also a Treasured Contributor to MasticadoresUsa (formerly a monthly contributor from 2021-2023). 

She lives nestled in the trees of a small community about 40 minutes south of San Francisco with her husband and some animals. She is a life health coach, and a craniosacral therapist who draws inspiration from her daily interactions with clients, friends, her 4 children, nature and animals.

Her website is Uniquely Fit.net. Cindy can also be found on her blog, The Unique Times with Cindy on WordPress, and on social media: Instagram @ahamoments, Twitter and Facebook. 


thin skinned 
Like this peach 
I bite into. 
Sweetness drips down my chin 
as I try to save face. 

Tears bittersweet as I say goodbye, 
never knowing why.  

Like the peach,
relationships have a shelf life.
Often misunderstood living under our skin, festering and bubbling under the surface.  

Love hurts. 
There are no quick cures but the love you once had is yours to savor.  

If you once loved,
you will love again.

The chill of the season leaves us dormant to go inside and hibernate to do our inner cleaning.
clear out the cobwebs that remain.

Healing takes time as we grapple with our inner demons giving them some space to learn and grow. 

But spring will come in time.  
And when I’m ready,
I pick the peach of my dreams at the exact right time.
and eat it in delight
as the juice drips down my chin once again.  

In summer I basque in the sun as the slithering snake
sheds its skin. 
as do I,
ready to move on.

And this is the cycle of life,
as I learn to be a little more discerning in my choices and grow thicker skin.

Dream or Reality?

I sit in anticipation of your call patiently waiting, my heart vapid with silence that tells it all.

The internal desire to push through the cracks and cut through this appendage of pain has left me befuddled and lonely.

I wake to an empty glass on the nightstand and an open window, no note of goodbye.

I see the trace of a shadow colliding with a star dimly lit merging into the horizon and the fog of my breath on the window,

tracing the words.

I love you,

I’m so sorry.

No words can explain the inexplicable feelings of your disappearance. And no length of time will take away the pain,

but through the tears of silence,

my heart remains filled with liquid pearls as my lips kiss the windowpane and I say goodbye, smashing the glass through the pain, fractured, and torn.

Light filters in from under my door as the fog lifts and I awake to your arms enveloping me, caressing the pain with the scent of your cologne in my hair in the soft covered feather down chair.


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70 thoughts on “Poetry by Cindy Georgakas

      1. Shine on those that shine with you,
        wink, smile as we go the extra mile
        anything with you..
        thanks my friend.
        So are you✨✨✨✨✨💞

  1. Dearest Gabriela,
    Thank you truly for publishing my work. Your support means the world to me and I’m most grateful and blessed for your appreciation of my poetry and writing. You are an inspiration to me and our community which is a treasured gift.

      1. You’re so very welcome Gabriela and thank you so much. You’re most welcome. It’s good to be back to where my roots of poetry began to take shape because of your faith in my work. ❤️🙏🏼❤️

  2. Such moving poetry, so beautifully written, Cindy!! Congratulations for being featured here on Literary Revelations. I love your poetry and your spirit, honest and just brilliant. You are the real deal and all who read you, know you are blessed with your lifetime of wisdom, your warm open heart.

  3. Dearest Karima, your words always are gifts to my soul and bring me warmth on the cool nights even when it’s warm outside. Thank you truly for your words and feeling and hearing my work in the way you do. I am blessed to be received with such knowingness and am humbled by your words. BTW… I happened to click on SW and see you are nominated was over joyed for pub of the month… Most deserved. Congratulations ✅ I’m heading to read you as I’m behind. 💞💞💞

    1. Thank you dear Cindy and I am glad my words were received so warmly!! Ahh you are almost Queen of SW hehe.. I appreciate your sweet words and your vote:):) Much success and happiness to you always Cindy.

      1. You’re so very welcome Karima and YES, you’re words are gifts to me. If I ever make SW of the year you can possibly give me that honor but I’ll probs be competing with you, if so. Absolutely! We should know by now, yes? Fingers are crossed and toes. Thanks so my and happiness to you💞💞💞

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