The Poetry of Dawn Pisturino

Literary Revelations is thrilled to feature the poetry of Dawn Pisturino. We hope you enjoy it.


Dawn Pisturino is a retired nurse in Arizona whose publishing credits include poems, limericks, short stories, and articles. Her poetry has appeared in several anthologies, most recently in Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women, and the 2023 Arizona Literary Magazine. She is a Mystery Writers of America and Arizona Authors Association member.

You and I

can only take
so much pain
and trauma
until they shut down
and tune out
and wish it all away.

never understood
how much pain
you caused
to others.

You died.
And so, we parted,
never really knowing one another.
How sad!

The Old Man at the Piano

His wrinkled fingers
lovingly touched
the yellowed keys
of the battered upright

and he began to play
a sentimental song from long ago
when Julie danced
and Helen sang
and Lola sat beside him on the bench
pounding a playful duet.
The war was raging then
and at night the sirens blared
calling the people of the city
into underground hiding.
They clung to each other in the dark
while bombs exploded
and buildings collapsed
and smoke filled the war-torn city.
We have to live! We have to survive!
they cried in their hearts
not knowing if their houses
remained intact
not knowing if there was anything left
but memories
scattered pieces
of treasured greeting cards
and faded photographs.
In the morning
the light would come

shining through the darkness
and the wind would blow
driving away the smoke
and they congratulated one another
on surviving another day.

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23 thoughts on “The Poetry of Dawn Pisturino

  1. Oh, how lovely. What imagery…in both. I love your words. Congratulations to you Dawn. Blessings to you and Gabriela for all the joy she brings everyone.
    Stay sweet, you two. We need more like you. Xoxo

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