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Spyder is a simple wraith that spins odd and fantastic tales of horror and dark fantasy. As well, his web has been known to spawn melancholy and sometimes horrific poetry. Spyder dwells at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean or at times in the Rocky Mountains. No matter where he may be, rest assured darkness accompanies his adventures. Publishing credit of his work can be found at: Quill and Crow Publishing and Hellbound Books.

In Her

In her
I’ve found the comfort of silence
the crisp autumn air
& the ocean’s tide
she is my twilight
the warmth of a blanket of stars
where I can curl up
& simply be
no need for wasted words
to say that which is known
but always room for tenderness
inviting arms that soothe
she warms my heart
& brightens my soul
I have found
where I belong
with her

Fate’s Unholy Grave

Grave the fate of the desirous
Call devotion moderna, blind lust
Cardinal, your sin lies upon avarice
The hymns of angels are cancerous

Tout your glutton-like holy charms
Spite humanity no matter whom it harms
Light the wanting with candle fire
Lust for greed stakes the saints on the pyre

Quiet, you sulk as the glow fades
Upon the black mass altar, your soul is laid
Death weaves your flesh like lattice bone
& eternity burns beneath tears to atone

Deaf are the ears of light & divinity
Cast your essence to the fiery sea
This fate of greed’s overreaching sin
Hush now your cries lost to the sinking din

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