Weekend Poetry – Peter Kaczmarczyk

Literary Revelations is thrilled to bring you the poems of Peter Kaczmarczyk . I hope you enjoy them.


Peter Kaczmarczyk was raised in New England and has lived the last 30 years in Southern Indiana. He has written poetry his whole life but has only recently been putting them out into the world. His works are inspired by his life, loves, travels, and experiences. Peter strives to create poems that are accessible to all, and hopes that his words will resonate with those who read them. Peter is always surrounded by cats. He has published a chapbook of his work through Alien Buddha Press titled Distant Yet Always Heard as well he was works in numerous journals and anthologies. He is co-creator of the Captain Janeway Statue in Bloomington, Indiana.


That moving on is bittersweet
Tells me it was right
To be with her
Even as I face the end
That I should not regret
That all that is left now
Is fading memories and growing pain

Bittersweet tells me
Had I never loved her
So much happiness
Would never have been
So much that she taught me
Never learned
That I must leave and begin again
Will never diminish
All the love
All the strength
That I still and always will
Carry along with me

A Flower Rises

A weed is defined as something that grows
Where you don’t want it to be
We raise neighborhoods for high-rises
Pave farm fields for interchanges
All just human capital pushed aside
Weeds cleansed from the earth
As gardens are turned

Yet sometimes a flower rises
From a pile of refuse leaves and debris
Resurrected like the body of Christ
To demonstrate the resilience
Of nature and the human spirit

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