Literary Revelations burns the midnight oil to bring you in December Greenlandos by Virginia Mateias aka Virginia Witch!

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I am thrilled to let you know that Literary Revelations is working hard to bring you an excellent children book written by Virginia Mateias aka Virginia Witch mid-December.

Let’s open the curtains:

Good morning/Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to Greenlandos!  In this epic clash of good versus evil, loyalty versus betrayal, and the natural world battling the artificial one, who will triumph?

Meet Belladonna, the enigmatic heroine, as she defends her pristine land. Follow the clever and brave Mandragoras as he unravels a sinister plot to obliterate Greenlandos, while Mr. Pepper falls hopelessly in love with Miss. Cauliflower. What is threatening everyone in Greenlandos?

This gripping tale raises its voice against the rampant use of pesticides, championing a return to a cleaner world. It’s ideal for young adventurers aged 9 and up, as well as for their parents. Greenlandos introduces ecological and moral values through its unforgettable characters and extraordinary escapades.

Greenlandos is a fantastic book. Children and parents will enjoy it alike. Virginia is an outstanding writer. The book is illustrated by Serban Adreescu whose work shines.

For the moment, let’s listen to Virginia

I was five years old when I discovered books. For me books are a magical universe. I started reading long before going to school and my mother was proud I was able to read the newspaper to my father. Boredom prompted me to learn how to read early on. However, I wasn’t bored at all once I started reading books.

On my journey to becoming an author I read a lot, studied literature and drama at the university. I was and I still am a cultural journalist. Yet I believe life itself has been the most effective instructor for me.

I was born in Europe. I left Europe and moved to Canada. Moving to a new country with a new culture has brought about a new perspective and new challenges. I would say that life constantly gives us the opportunities we need in order to evolve. It’s up to us to accept or reject these challenges.

My first book called “The Persistence of Memory” was published in Romania and it was received with much success. The public purchased all the available copies and the book was highly praised by critics. The second book called “In the Shadow of the Angel” was published in Canada in 2019. The poetry I wrote emerged from a soul that has walked along fiery instants and from a mind that never ceased to question existential concepts.

In my opinion, the author and the reader are the opposite sides of the same coin. Writers cannot exist without readers and readers cannot exist without writers. A book is simply a bridge that invites the mind and soul of the two entities to meet.

A book is a chance for the reader to enter a new time frame, to live a new life and learn something new. I would encourage readers to choose books that allow them to dream, to learn what they do not know and to rediscover themselves.

My passion for nature extends beyond my poetry to Greenlandos. I’m an advocate for preserving our environment and stop harming it. Children and animals hold a special place in my heart. Tyger, my cat, being a cherished family member. Lost civilizations have always captivated my curiosity. Traveling with my daughter, Andra Maria, to explore ancient ruins brings me immense joy. I hold life in the highest regard, and it saddens me to witness ongoing conflicts at the dawn of the 21st century. My hope is for human progress and peace.


Please, stay tuned for more news on Greenlandos!

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    1. I’m so grateful for your compliment. Thank you very much, Cindy! I wanted it to be a book with a dual audience: children and parents. I hope the book will be liked by all.

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