Literary Revelations Journal and our upcoming anthology Petals of Haiku added to Doutrope

My Dear Readers,

I am thrilled, proud, and excited so time to celebrate! Eleven months ago when I started Literary Revelations I secretly hoped that my publishing house would be listed by Doutrope in three or four years. I did not share my hope with anyone. Eleven months after Literary Revelations was born it made to Doutrope. I am happy as a human can be. I will share the links after I set up the profile for the publishing house.

Doutrope is an award-winner resource for writers and artists. As a writer and artist you can use it for a fee. You can access what Doutrope lists as best publishers, editors, journals, and literary agents.

On Sunday Literary Revelations received the following email.

And this is not all. Our upcoming collection Petal of Haiku: An Anthology was added as a resource too.

Please continue to submit to our anthology Petals of Haiku. Submission guidelines here.

Please note that mid-December we will publish Greenlandos, an excellent book for children written by Virginia Mateias. More about the book here.

Enjoy the rest of the week and thank you for submitting to Literary Revelations.


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37 thoughts on “Literary Revelations Journal and our upcoming anthology Petals of Haiku added to Doutrope

  1. Really really proud of you!!! you absolutely deserve it because not only you are working hard but you have been amazingly generous too 🤍

  2. Dear Gabriela, Congratulations from the heart! I know how much work is hidden behind this achievement. And it’s only the beginning! Chapeau!

  3. And who would have thought less!!!!! After all, you are Gabriela Maria Milton and you have a drive and compassion that sees you through in all you do. Congratulations my friend❣️
    Truly happy for you! It is a great honor.❤️

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