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Literary Revelations is proud to bring you the poetry of Michael Parker. I hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend and “see you soon.”


Michael Parker’s poems have appeared in PoetsArtists, Moss Trill, Surely As the Sun, Dialogue, New Letters, and elsewhere. His poetry collection Divining the Spirits in the House of the Hush and Hush won the Utah State Poetry Society’s Book of the Year Award in 2021. Michael and family live in Orem, Utah.


after Mary Oliver

I have a vision in my mind of Jesus
kneeling in front of His followers, His knees
rooted like a Shepherd’s tree,
hundreds of feet underground.

His heart is formidable like a mountain,
its purpose etched into the walls of His heart:
“Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done.”

The thoughts of my own mind soar in flight,
like a murmuration of starlings flying
in the wild season’s breezes under
the ethereal foundations of heaven.

I speak words of gratitude
gracefully, penitently, as I consider
the voice of His disciples admonishing
“give thanks in all circumstances,”
“enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise,” and
declare “thanks be to God
for His indescribable gift!”

Then, finally, I listen for the quiet
voice in life’s song or in the desert whirlwind
startling this life-worn soul


watching side-by-side the infinitude of light
burst from the iridescent sunset

the marriage of complimenting luminaries
kissing under a resplendent blanket of stars

cultivating the garden of another’s soul
yielding its fruit together at harvest time

feeling the sparks flying inside our souls
like the electricity flowing between two hearts

hearing the words adoration, devotedness,
ardency, and confidant

how an investment is a great metaphor
for our burgeoning relationship

the encouragement we award one another
the charity we impart to a fellow traveler of life

the buoyant meditations and singing bowls
which ring out the pure tones of our tenderness

the language of compassion and harvests–
beneficent words borne with holiness

and you and I rediscovering one another
as we transverse through our own Garden of Eden

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